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Now and Then

Children love to hear about when they were born, how they have grown since they were babies, and how they are growing and learning more every day. Talking about this with your child is also a great way to introduce the concepts of time, past, present, and future.

Tell your child a bedtime story about the day he was born and share your feelings of excitement at seeing him for the first time. What did he look like? How did he communicate? What things was he able to do?

Then share thoughts with him on how much he has grown and changed since then. How has he grown physically in the time since he was born? What are some things he can do now that he wasn't able to do in the past?

If he is interested, invite him to think about the future. How will he continue to grow and change? What are some things he wants to be able to do that he can't do yet?

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