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Making Things Bigger

Exploring the world with a magnifying glass is exciting for children because everything looks so much bigger, making things you couldn't see before visible. If you have a magnifying glass, invite your child to use it to look at familiar objects both inside and outside. Natural items — like leaves, grass, and stones, and small creatures — work particularly well. Talk about how much bigger things look. What do you see that you couldn't see before? Provide paper and crayons and have your child draw these "details."

If you don't have a magnifying glass, try using a clear drinking glass or jar. Hold it above an object and have your child look down into it. Does it make things look bigger? What happens when you look through the side of the glass? Do things look different? Try adding some water to the glass. Now what happens?

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Bunny Balance

In this game, the bigger the bunny, the heavier it is — but don't forget to let your kids know that's not always true in the real world.

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