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Balancing on a Seesaw

Seesaws offer a great incentive for children to explore the idea of balance since the end result means a fun ride! Although not as prevalent on playgrounds as they used to be, seesaws can still be found in many places. This exploration requires at least two children!

Invite the children onto each end of the seesaw.

Does it balance? Which end is heavier? Lighter? Why do you think so? What happens when one child or the other moves toward the middle of the seesaw? (This may require some maneuvering on newer seesaws with large handles.) Why do you think that happens? What positions provide the most satisfying ride?

If you are lucky enough to have a group of children with you, the opportunities for exploring balance increase phenomenally.

What combination of children on each side provides the best ride? How many combinations can you make and still find a balance?

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