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Introduce Sound: Listen for a Minute


  • chart paper labeled “Our Ideas about Sound”
  • marker

Key Science Concepts

  • Sounds have a source.
  • An action has to take place in order for a sound to occur.


Tell children that you’ll be exploring sound together over the next few weeks. Explain that this week you’ll focus on listening to sounds very carefully.

  1. Shh! Have children sit as quietly as possible for one minute and listen to the sounds around them.
  2. Write their observations on chart paper.
  3. Talk with the children: What sounds did you hear? What do you think made that sound? Let’s try to imitate that sound.


Listen together quietly for another minute.

  • Did you hear any new sounds?
  • Which sounds did you hear again?
  • Did you hear anything that surprised you?
  • Everyone was very quiet while we were listening. How did being quiet help us to listen?


  • Tell children you’re going to make another chart called “Our Ideas About Sound,” and that you’ll be adding to it as they explore and learn new things over the week.
  • Write down any observations children make.
  • Return to the chart several times during the week.
  • Each time, read children’s observations aloud and invite them to add new ideas to the chart.