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Explore and Play: Where’s Quack?

Play an online science game.


Where's Quack?

In this game of Hide and Seek, Quack hides in different places. Different hiding places change the way Quack's voice sounds. Is he muffled, or maybe far away? Is he down a hole, or underwater?

Key Science Concepts

  • Sounds have a source—a sound can be tracked to its source.
  • Sounds can vary in volume (loud and soft).


Tell children that in this game, they’ll try to guess where Quack is hiding just by listening to the sound of his voice.

  1. Explain how to play: Quack is going to hide. You’ll try to find him by the sounds of his voice. Show children how to click in the different places Quack might be hiding.
  2. Have each child try it, and when he or she finds Quack, ask, What was it about Quack’s voice made you think he was hiding there? Oh! Mariam says Quack’s voice sounded far away, so that’s why she clicked way in the back of the picture!
  3. Tell children that the game will be available in the Technology Center and they’ll all have many chances to play.