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Explore and Play: Sing Loud and Soft, High and Low

Sing in lots of different ways.

Key Science Concepts

  • Sounds can vary in volume (loud and soft), and pitch (high and low).


Reinforce the concepts of volume and pitch by having children sing along with you as you make your voice increasingly louder, softer, higher or lower. This will also help them learn the difference between volume and pitch. Tell children to sing each line after you, changing their voices as you do. Repeat a few times, until it is clear that children are imitating what you’re doing.

     Can you sing loud, louder, louder, LOUDER!?
     Can you sing soft, softer, softer, softersofter?
     Can you sing high, higher, higher, HIGHER!?
     Can you sing low, lower, lower, lower?!