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Watch and Discuss: An Inconvenient Tooth, Part I

Beaver Boy needs some wood to gnaw. Problem is, he’s cutting down too many trees!

An Inconvenient Tooth, Part 1 (9:00)

Beaver Boy needs some wood to gnaw. (He’s got growing teeth!) Problem is, he’s cutting down too many trees. The solution? Grow some new trees!


  • An Inconvenient Tooth, Part I (video)
  • an acorn, or a photo or drawing of an acorn

Key Science Concepts

  • It is important to treat the environment with respect and care.
  • Some parts of the plant are below the ground and some are above.


Before you watch: Tell children that in this episode, Beaver Boy does something that upsets Chirp, Quack, and Peep. Ask children to watch for what it is.   

After you watch:

  • Ask children, Why is it a problem that Beaver Boy cut down the forest? Why do you think he did it? How did Peep and the others try to solve the problem? (Plant more trees.)
  • Hold up the acorn (or a photo/drawing of an acorn) and ask children if they’ve seen one before. Ask, Why do you think Peep and the others planted the acorns? What do they think will happen? If the tree is growing from an acorn, what do you think an acorn is? (A seed.) When we were outside, did we see any acorns on the ground? If so, where did we find them? What do you think would happen if we planted an acorn outside?
  • Do you think the trees will grow as fast as Beaver Boy thinks they’ll grow? Why or why not? Remind children of the story you read yesterday, If You Hold a Seed. Ask if they remember how long it took for the tree to grow from a seed into a tree.