Hatching new scientists every day!

Technology Center

Watch PEEP episodes and live-action videos about plants and trees.


Play these videos in the Technology Center on the days indicated:

Day 2

An Inconvenient Tooth, Part 1 (9:00)

Beaver Boy needs some wood to gnaw. (He’s got growing teeth!) Problem is, he’s cutting down too many trees. The solution? Grow some new trees!

Day 3

Exploring Small Places (1:30)

The kids take a closer look to see textures, colors and surfaces that they never noticed before.

Day 4

Collecting and Sorting (1:30)

The yard is full of stuff to collect. The kids make a backyard museum featuring an exhibit of sticks, balls, leaves and more. "Try collecting things and sorting them."


The PEEP episodes and live-action videos should be made available after children have been introduced to them in a Morning Circle activity. Based on the recommendations of NAEYC and the American Pediatric Association, the Technology Center should only be used by children older than two years.