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Explore and Play: Blue Peep, Green Quack?

Use coloring pages and color the PEEP characters different colors.


Key Science Concepts

  • There are many different colors.
  • A single color can have different shades, from very light to very dark.


  1. Remind children of the part of the video in which Quack sees a red-colored Peep and doesn’t recognize him because he’s not his usual yellow color. But the dog recognizes Peep right away, even though he’s red.
  2. Ask children what colors Peep, Chirp, and Quack usually are. Tell them that they are going to color the characters any color they want—as long as it’s different from their usual color! 
  3. Have children color a few coloring sheets of their choice.

Share and Reflect

Ask, Why did you choose that color for (character’s name)? Encourage children to describe how a different color changes what they think about the characters—a red Quack may look funny, a pink Chirp may look cute, and a gray Peep may look very strange!