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Explore and Play: Make a Fish Museum

Create a fish museum by choosing objects that sink to the bottom.


  • water table, large tub, or plastic wading pool (if outside)
  • objects of children’s choice (decide ahead of time if you want to let the children choose objects in the room, or if you want to offer them a selection of objects that float and sink)

Key Science Concepts

  • Objects behave differently in water. Some float; some don’t.


Tell children that just like Quack did in the video, we’re going to make a museum for fish.

  1. Tell children to pretend that the water table is a fish pond, like in the video. Ask, If you wanted to make a museum for fish, what objects would you want to have in your exhibit? 
  2. Invite children to choose one object. Ask, What do you think will happen when you drop it in the pond?
  3. Have them drop it in and ask, What happened when you dropped your object in the water? Why do you think that happened?
  4. If a child tried something that floats, have them choose something they think will sink down to the museum, so that the fish can see it.