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Watch and Discuss: Dry Duck, Part 2

Quack’s pond has mysteriously dried up. Is Beaver Boy the culprit?


  • Dry Duck, Pt. 2 (video)

Key Science Concepts

  • You can stop the flow of water by building dams.


Before you watch: Tell children they’ll watch a PEEP episode in which Quack’s pond has lost almost all of its water. Ask them to see if they can figure out why the pond dried up.

After you watch:  Ask:

  • Why do you think Quack’s pond dried up?
  • How do you think a dam might have stopped water from going into Quack’s pond?
  • What did the beavers use for building their dam? What did they do to build it?   
  • What did the beaver do to give Quack some water back for his pond?