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Read and Discuss: Water

Look at all the different places we can find water!


  • Water by Frank Asch
  • chart labeled, “Bodies of Water”
  • “Our Ideas About Water” chart


Before you read: Show children the cover, and read the title and author’s name. Ask them to describe what’s happening on the cover. Introduce the word waterfall if children haven’t already mentioned it.    

After you read: Flip through the pages and ask children to mention the different forms of water they recognize: streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, a waterfall, an ocean. (They’ll also see dew, clouds, snow, ice, and mist, which this curriculum doesn’t address, but encourage children if they do address them.`)

Make a new chart, called “Bodies of Water,” drawing pictures next to the forms of water the children list. Look back at the “Our Ideas About Water” chart—if there are any bodies of water listed that aren’t on the new chart, add them.   

Then turn to the second-to-last pages of the book—a busy city scene. Pass the book around and have each child point out one scene in which they see water being used.