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Watch and Discuss: Make Your Own Stream

Watch children visit a stream and then make one themselves.


  • Make Your Own Stream (video) 


Before you watch: Tell children they are going to watch a video of children playing by a stream. Ask if any of them has done this before and what it was like.

After you watch: Ask,

  • What happened when the children put things in the stream?
  • Do you think the water in the stream was moving fast or slow? How could you tell?
  • When the children made their own stream, how could you tell which direction the water was flowing?
  • Did you hear any sounds when the children were playing by the stream? What do you think those sounds were? How do you think the water made those sounds? Can you think of any other sounds you’ve heard water make? How does the water sound coming from a faucet, hose, rain, etc.?

Optional: Show the video a second time. Ask children what else they noticed this time around.