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Explore and Play: Make Water Drops

Learn how to make water drops.   


  • plastic eyedroppers or pipettes
  • small containers of water 

Key Science Concepts

  • Water can flow quickly or slowly.
  • Water sticks together to make drops.


Tell children that today they will make water drops like the ones they saw in the video. Ask how the children in the video made raindrops (they used a watering can). Explain that you’ll be making them a different way—with an eyedropper/pipette.

  1. Pass out the eyedroppers and explain how to use them: 
  • First, squeeze the top.
  • Hold it, hold it, hold it while you stick the eyedropper in the water.
  • Now slowly let go and the eyedropper will suck the water up.
  • Gently lift the full eyedropper up and then squeeze and squirt it!
  1. Demonstrate once for children as you slowly squeeze drops out one at a time.
  2. Then distribute small containers of water and allow children to explore squirting or dripping water back into the containers. As children experiment, ask:  
  • Can you make big drops? Little drops? Describe them.
  • What happens to the water when you squeeze the eyedropper hard? What about when you squeeze gently? What is different?