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Technology Center

Watch PEEP episodes and live-action videos about water.


Play these videos in the Technology Center on the days indicated:

Day 2

Make Your Own Stream (1:30)

A stream in the woods is the perfect place to float things in a current. The kids also make their own stream at home.

Day 4

Dry Duck, Part 2 (9:00)

Beaver Boy has left town and Quack's pond has dried up. Coincidence? Or is something fishy going on?

Beaver's Buildings (1:30)

The kids are visiting a wildlife refuge to see the work of local beavers.

Day 5

Building Dams, Part 1 (1:30)

The kids use a garden hose to make a stream, then build dams and channels to control its flow. “See if you can control the flow of water!”

Building Dams, Part 2 (1:30)

Now the kids have added a second dam upstream from their first dam. When they do, their first dam runs a bit dry. What happens when they break their dams?


Add the videos on the days indicated. The PEEP episodes, live-action videos, and online games should be made available after children have been introduced to them in a Morning Circle activity. Based on the recommendations of NAEYC and the American Pediatric Association, the Technology Center should only be used by children older than two.