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Share the Week’s Discoveries

Review the week’s explorations and ideas about water. 

Gather in the art center, where you’ve displayed:

  • photos of different bodies of water from books or the Internet
  • photos/videos of children’s puddles, streams, dams, and waterfalls
  • drawings of different bodies of water

Using your “Bodies of Water” and “Puddles” charts, review the puddles, streams, dams, and waterfalls children created this week. Ask some of these questions:

  • Did anyone try making a puddle or stream but couldn’t because the water was absorbed into the ground? Describe what happened. What kinds of surfaces seemed to absorb the most water?
  • This week, we noticed how the ground absorbs water. Last week we noticed when we were indoors we explored materials that absorb water. Can anyone remember what they were? (sponge, paper towel, cardboard, etc.)
  • What were some good places to build puddles and streams? Why do you think that is?  What were some places that didn’t work that well? Why?  
  • What were some of the ways you built dams? What problems did you have blocking the water? How did you solve the problems?
  • What are some ways to build a waterfall?