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Explore and Play: DJ

What kinds of music do you like?


  • a variety of recorded music: quiet; dramatic and emotional, high-energy dance music, marching music, circus music, etc. (Play about five different samples of music, between 30 seconds and a minute each. Or extend the activity so you can explore more types of music.)
  • paper and pencil


Tell children that you’re going to play DJ and put on different types of music. (You may have to explain what a DJ is.) They will each make a chart that indicates whether they like the music a lot, don’t like it, or don’t have a strong feeling about it one way or another.   

  1. Help children create a chart with three columns.
  1. Play between 30 seconds and a minute of music, then stop and ask children to mark their chart. Then move on to the next piece of music.
  2. When you’ve played three different pieces, review their ratings. Ask them to describe what the music sounds like and whether they like it or not—or if they don’t feel strongly one way or the other.  
    • Have them draw a smiley face in one column—that’s for the music they like.
    • Have them draw a sad face in a second column—that’s for the music they don’t like.
    • In the third column, have them put a question mark—or a face with the mouth in a straight line—to indicate they neither like nor dislike the music. 

Reflect and Share

Ask children if any of the music sounded familiar to them. Where have they heard it? What kind of music do they listen to at home? Do people in their family like some of the same music or different music? What’s their favorite kind?