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Watch and Discuss: Hear Here

Quack decides to give a concert—"An Afternoon With Quack"—but has trouble finding a good place for it.


  • Hear Here (video)


Before you watch: Tell children that in this episode Quack wants to give a concert, but he needs to find a place where his voice sounds especially good. Ask children to listen carefully and raise their hands each time Quack tries out a new location for his concert.

As you watch:

  • Pause when children raise their hands, and discuss whether Quack has found a good place for his concert. How does his voice sound in this place? Is it a good place for a concert or not?
  • Pause when Quack hears his echo. Ask, Have you ever heard an echo? Does Quack think another duck is talking to him? What do you think is happening? Explain that echoes aren’t always easy to hear. Very large rooms work well; in museums and gyms you can listen for the echoes of your walking feet. Smaller outdoor places, like tunnels, work well, too.

After you watch: Ask, what place did Quack finally choose for his concert? Why couldn’t Peep and Chirp attend his concert?