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Technology Center

PEEP episodes, live-action videos, and online games.


Play these videos in the technology center on the days indicated. 

Day 1

Where's Quack?

In this game of Hide and Seek, Quack hides in different places. Different hiding places change the way Quack's voice sounds. Is he muffled, or maybe far away? Is he down a hole, or underwater?

Day 2

Listening for Sounds (1:30)

The kids discover that there is sound all around them. They take a walk around the city to find sources of sound.

Day 3

The Sounds of Silence, Part I (9:00)

Quack is in a bit of a pickle; he’s decided not to talk until Chirp begs him to. (That could take a longgggggggg time!)

Day 4

Tracking Down Sounds (1:30)

What's that sound? The kids are chasing down the source of a strange sound. Then they make some sounds of their own.

Day 5

Give Me a Call (9:00)

Quack tries to track down an incredibly annoying sound.


Add the videos and games on the days indicated. The PEEP episodes, live-action videos, and online games should be made available after children have been introduced to them in a Morning Circle activity. Based on the recommendations of NAEYC and the American Pediatric Association, the Technology Center should only be used by children older than two.