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Share the Day’s Discoveries

Review today’s activities and watch a PEEP live-action video.


Tracking Down Sounds (video)

Watch the PEEP live-action video, Tracking Down Sounds. Ask, What were some of the sounds the children heard? How did the children find out what was making different sounds? Did they make some loud sounds the way you did? What were they?

Review and Reflect

Tell children, In today’s story, you heard Max make lots of outdoor sounds. Then you made some sounds of your own, both indoors and outdoors. Sometimes you listened for sounds; other times you made your own sounds.

  • Can you describe some of the sounds you made that you liked best? Why did you like them? Was it because the sound was loud, or because the sound was interesting, or was it a different reason?

Review the chart, “Our Ideas About Sound,” and add any new discoveries from your discussion.