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Review today’s activities and watch a PEEP live-action video.



  • Sizes and Sounds (video)

Review the “Instruments” chart, adding different instruments from Violet’s Music and the Rubber Band Music activity. Ask children if they have ever tried any of these instruments, know anyone who plays them, or have heard them played, live or on TV.

Then show the live-action video, Sizes and Sounds, telling children that they are going to see other children make some instruments and play them. Ask children to name some of the instruments the children made. Were some of the instruments make-believe or made up?

Explain that at the end of the week they are going to all play instruments together—ones that they made themselves! They’ll be making several instruments this week, and they’ll get to choose the instrument they’d like to play in the Children’s Orchestra. Explain that an orchestra is a group of musicians playing different instruments together.