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Read and Discuss: Ten on the Sled

Ten adventurous animals speed down a slippery, snowy slope.


  • Ten on the Sled by Kim Norman

Key Science Concepts

  • The motion and speed of a rolling or sliding object is affected by the shape and texture of the object and the texture of the surface on which it is rolling or sliding.


Before you read: Tell children that yesterday they saw a PEEP video about sledding. Today they’ll read a book together about it. Show children the cover, and read the title and author’s name. Ask, What do you notice on the cover? What do you think the animals are going to do?

As you read: You may want to read the book straight through once. As you read it a second time, ask children to point out when the sled is going down a steep part of the hill and when it’s going on a flatter part of the hill.  How can they tell?

After you read: Ask, Why do you think some of the animals fell off the sled? What happened to the animals that fell off? (They became part of a giant snowball.) Do you think they slid or rolled down the hill? Why do you think that? Explain.