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Watch and Discuss: Snow Daze

Peep, Chirp, Quack, and Beaver Boy discover the fun of sliding down a snowy hill.


  • Snow Daze (video)

Key Science Concepts

  • The shape of an object affects whether it will roll or slide or stay put.
  • The motion and speed of a rolling or sliding object is affected by the shape and texture of the object and the texture of the surface on which it is rolling or sliding.


Before you watch: Ask children, Have you ever been sledding? If so, can you describe the sled you used?  Why do you think the sled was good for sliding down a hill? 

Tell them that in this episode, Peep and his friends discover how much fun it is to go sliding down a snowy hill. Ask children to pay attention to what Peep, Chirp, Quack, and Beaver Boy learn about sledding.


After you watch: Ask children,

  • How would you describe the hill that they were sliding on? What made it a fun hill to slide on?
  • How would you describe the texture of snow? What does it feel like?
  • What do you think made Beaver’s tail good for sliding?
  • What do Peep and Chirp find to slide on? Do you think these were good things to slide on? If so, why do you think they were good for sliding?
  • Compare what Beaver uses as a sled and what Chirp and Peep use. How are they similar?