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Read and Discuss: Roll, Slope, and Slide

Discover different ramps in our world. 


  • Roll, Slope, and Slide by Michael Dahl

Science Concepts

  • A ramp is a surface with one end higher than the other.
  • An object placed on a ramp will roll, slide, or stay put.

Ask children what they think the word slope means. Explain that a slope is something that is a slanted surface. Ramps are also called slopes. Ask children if they’ve ever heard of a ski slope. If so, can they describe what it looks like?  What makes it like a ramp?


Before you read: Show children the cover, and read the title and author’s name. Ask, What is happening on the cover? Has anyone been on a skateboard before or watched anyone on a skateboard? Ask, Do you see any ramps on the cover? What makes them ramps? What are the ramps being used for?

As you read: Ask children to look for ramps as you read to them.

After you read: Ask, What were some of the different types of ramps that we learned about in the book? What were these ramps used for?

  • Did you see any ramps in the book that were like the ones we saw yesterday on our walk? Which ones? How were they similar?
  • Turn to the page with the squirrels (entitled Steep and Gentle Slopes). Ask, Why do you think that it was harder for the squirrel to roll the acorn up one of the branches than the other? The book says that one of the branches was steeper than the other. Ask them to explain or show what the word steep means.
  • If you were going to go skateboarding like the boy in the story, would you rather go on a steep ramp or one that was less steep? Why?