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Art Center

Draw pictures of the ramps around us.


  • art supplies (pencils, crayons, markers, paper, and clipboards; collage and 3-D materials: craft sticks, yarn, circle-shaped stickers, aluminum foil)
  • printer paper and construction paper
  • photos of different ramps downloaded from the Internet or from books (highway on-ramps, wheelchair ramps, parking garage ramps, ramps on trucks, roofs, sidewalks, etc.). These can be hung nearby or added to a loose leaf notebook. 


Encourage children to draw ramps, inspired by:

  • this week’s activities, videos, and books
  • illustrations you display in the learning center
  • slides and other ramps they see on the playground
  • ramps around the neighborhood—sidewalks, truck ramps, railings
  • snowy hills for sledding (if children are familiar with skiing they might also want to draw skiing scenes)
  • collages, or 3-D representations of their construction using crafts sticks or yarn to represent the ramps, and circles or stickers to represent balls.