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Share the Week’s Discoveries

Review your explorations and ideas about ramps.


Slide, Roll, Stay in Place

Look at the “Slide, Roll, Stay in Place” chart together. What did children discover about objects that roll and objects that slide? How are objects that roll and ones that slide different? Did they discover any objects that could slide AND roll? If so, ask them to explain how this could happen. How did the shape or texture of an object change how it rolled or slid?

Faster and Farther

Display any photos or video you took of the Steep and Steeper activity they did this afternoon. Ask:

  • If you wanted an object to go faster, what kind of ramp would you place it on?
  • What if you wanted the object to go very slowly—or not move at all?
  • How could you make an object roll very far?

Review the “Ramps Around Us” chart. Display any photos you took of ramps or drawings that children made this week.  Ask children to explain how they think some of these ramps can help us in our daily lives.

Tell children that next week you will continue exploring with ramps and will have the chance to build ramps out of different kinds of materials.