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Share the Day’s Discoveries

Review today’s explorations and ideas about plants.


Remind children that earlier today they had examined the plants they’d been growing. Ask:

  • Which of the plants you’re growing have roots? Describe what they look like.
  • Can you see the roots of all the plants you’re growing? If not, how do you know that they are there?
  • Which of the plants you’re growing have stems? What about leaves? What do they look like?
  • Which of the plants seem to be growing the fastest? Why do you think that?
  • Which plants are your favorites? Why?

Mention their examination of the small space outside on the ground. Ask:

  • What kinds of plants did you see? Were the plants similar or different?
  • Could you identify any parts of plants, like roots, stems, or leaves? Which ones?
  • How did your magnifying glass help you look closely at the ground?
  • What else did you notice in the small space besides plants?