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Explore and Play: Favorite Color Gallery

What’s your favorite color?


  • crayons
  • paper


Ask children what their favorite color is and share your own with them.

  1. Have children either draw a picture or write their names on paper, using their favorite color.
  2. Hang their pictures, and have children group them by color—all the blues go in one area, the yellows in another, etc. Ask children to talk about their favorite colors:
    • What do you like about your favorite color?
    • Does the color remind you of something or someone? What are some things that are?
    • Is there a color you don’t like? What don’t you like about it?

Reassure children that it’s fine if more than one of them has the same favorite color. Let them know that it is also fine to change their favorite color or to have different ones on different days.