Hatching new scientists every day!

Introduce Color

Begin exploring the colors around us.


  • chart paper with heading “Colors Around Us”
  • colored markers

Key Science Concepts

  • There are many different colors.


During conversation, introduce the names of colors and science process words such as describe, compare, and match. 


1. Have children name the different colors they are wearing. Ask:

  • How many children are wearing blue today (even just a little bit)?  
  • How would you describe the blue Carlos is wearing?
  • Can you think of a name for that blue?

Do all the children agree that an item is blue, or do some of them say it’s green?

(There will probably be some debate! If not, you can introduce the idea that not everyone sees color the same way.)

2. Next, display an assortment of crayons and have children name the colors they see. Invite them to compare the colors to items in the room, like the classroom rug. 

Reflect and Share

Tell children that over the next few weeks, they will be exploring different colors and sharing the discoveries they make. Tell them you’ll create a chart with the heading “Colors Around Us.” Make a T-chart with one column for objects and the other for the corresponding colors.

  • What colors do we see around us?
  • Which of the rooms seems to have lots of color?
  • What about lots of green?

Write the children’s responses on the chart, and return to the chart each day over the course of the week. Read the children’s words aloud and invite them to add new colors and objects to the chart.

Then ask children what they are especially interested in exploring about color. Take notes. Find ways over the course of the three-week curriculum to explore the interests of individual children. One of the guided activities or read-aloud books may address their interests, or you may want to tailor one of the learning centers so they can explore on their own. Whenever they’re exploring the aspect of color they expressed curiosity about, call attention to it: Sharon, what you’re doing looks interesting! Isn’t that what you said you were curious about—what would happen if you mixed all the paint colors together? Can you describe what happened when you did?