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Explore and Play: Paint Splat

Play an online color mixing game.


Paint Splat

By clicking on the tubes, players can make Quack squirt up to two blobs of blue, yellow, and red paint onto a fence.

Key Science Concepts

  • Two or more colors can be combined to make a new color.


Tell children that in this game, they’ll help Quack mix colors.

  1. Explain how to play: By clicking on the paint tubes, you can make Quack squirt blobs of blue, yellow, or red paint onto a fence. Chirp will hold up a card with a color on it—try to mix paint blobs to match that color.
  2. Demonstrate how it’s done. Then show children that clicking on the hose washes the paint off the fence so they can start over and mix more paint.
  3. Have each child take a turn, guiding them if they get stuck.   
  4. Tell children that the game will be available in the technology center and they’ll all have many chances to play.