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Outdoor Color Walk

What colors do we see outside?


  • clipboard and pencil
  • chart paper
  • crayons

Key Science Concepts

  • There are many different colors.


Encourage children to use the names of colors, as well as descriptive words and science process words such as describe, compare, observe, and predict. Encourage them to come up with color descriptions from their own observations—such as purple-y blue, reddish brown, yellowish green, and so on.


Remind children that earlier today, they explored colors indoors. Now they’re going to go outside, and see what colors they can find.  

  1. Before going outside, have a discussion with children about the colors they think they will see. Write down their predictions on your clipboard. What colors do you think you can find outside? What color do you think you’ll see the most of outside?
  2. When you take your Color Walk, ask, What are some of the things you see that are (green, brown, silver)? How would you describe the colors?  

Reflect and Share

Review the notes from your Color Walk. Did children see all the colors they predicted they would see? Ask, Which color did everyone see the most of? Which color did just a few of you see? Why do you think that’s so?