Hatching new scientists every day!

Share the Week’s Discoveries

Review the science themes you explored this week.


Go over the “Colors Around Us” and the “Shades of Colors” charts. Ask:

  • Can you describe how you made lighter shades of colors using paint? How did you make a darker shade of a color?
  • When you used food coloring, how did you make the color lighter? Was it the same or different from the way you made the paint lighter?
  • You looked at shades of green indoors and outdoors. Can you describe some of the differences between them? 
  • What did we notice about the differences in color of our skin?

Show some of the photographs you took of children mixing different shades and ask them to describe the shades they made. Have everyone look at the gallery of favorite colors you put together in the beginning of the week. Tell children, You’ve seen lots of different shades of your favorite color this week. Which shade is your favorite? What do you like about it?  

Tell children that next week you are going to continue your explorations of colors—there are a lot of exciting ideas and activities to share together!