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Share the Week’s Discoveries

Review the week’s explorations and ideas about color.


Go over the “Mixing New Colors” chart and the “Blending Colors/Contrasting Colors” chart, reviewing the ideas and explorations you did over the week. Have examples of children’s work at hand, along with any photos you took. Ask:

  • What are some examples of how you created new colors? What color was it and how did you do it? Did anyone else make a similar color? How? Can you think of different ways to make it?   
  • How was it different when you mixed colored water and colored paint? How do you think the results were different? The same? 
  • Color can be used to make patterns just as you did. Can you see any color patterns here in the room? On your clothes? Can you think of any outside?
  • How do you think colors helped us make our map? What do the colors on our map show? What do you think our map would have looked like without all the colors?

Tell children that next week you are going to continue your explorations of colors—There are a lot of exciting ideas and activities we’ll share together!