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Share the Day’s Discoveries

Review today’s explorations and ideas about color.


Encourage children to add new information and ideas to the “Mixing New Colors” chart. Ask, Can you tell me which colors we’ve made before (orange, green, purple)? Which ones are new colors? Did anyone invent a new color that they’ve never seen before? Which of your colors do you like best? Do you think you could make that same color again? How would you do it?

Then talk about colors that blend in with their backgrounds—or stand out against them. Ask children about the story, Mouse Paint. Why didn’t the cat discover the mice? Tell children, You made lots of interesting colors on these white paper plates. Do you think these colors blend in with the white plates, or do they stand out? Ask children to look around the room and point out any colors they see that blend into the background. Add any new ideas to the “Blending Colors/Contrasting Colors” chart.