Parenting Videos

Encouraging Curiosity

Narrated by Joan Cusack, this short video reminds parents that there are opportunities in everyday life to encourage their kids' natural curiosity.

Exploring & Discovering (birth - 33 months) (5:48)

Parents are children’s first and more important teachers—and the world is their classroom!

Playing & Learning (birth - 33 months) (5:26)

Children learn when they play and play when they learn. For children, play means exploring the world, investigating objects, pretending, inventing—and having fun!

Talking & Listening (birth - 33 months) (5:30)

The more words children hear during their early years, the more they will thrive in school—and in life.

Reading & Writing (birth - 33 months) (5:19)

It’s never too early to start reading with your child!

Singing and Dancing (birth - 33 months) (5:33)

Children love to listen to music, sing chants and songs, and dance along to the beat. Music and movement is a great way for children to learn and practice early math and literacy skills.

Investigation & Discovery (3 - 5 years) (7:17)

Opportunities for science and math learning everywhere. Children are naturally curious. Support your children’s curiosity—ask questions, look for answers, and make observations.

Words & Stories (3 - 5 years) (6:10)

Every day is full of opportunities for your child to build language and vocabulary. When you have conversations or read together, you help your child become a reader, writer, and communicator.

Relationships & Community (3 - 5 years) (6:59)

Important learning happens for your child through her relationships with friends, siblings, and family members. Encourage your child as she engages with members of your community.

Media & Technology (3 - 5 years) (7:47)

We live in a digital world. When you use these media and technology with your child in an intentional, controlled way, you can create meaningful learning experiences.

Play & Imagination (3 - 5 years) (7:22)

For your child, play is learning and learning is play! Join in or stand by and watch as your child has fun playing—and learning!