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Read and Discuss: Who Sank the Boat?

Was it the cow, the donkey, the sheep, the pig, or a little mouse?


  • Who Sank the Boat? by Pamela Allen

 Key Science Concepts

  • If you add enough weight to a floating object, it will sink.


Before you read: Show children the cover, and read the title and author’s name. Ask them to describe what they see on the cover.

After you read:  Ask:

  • Why do you think the mouse sank the boat, even though the mouse was much lighter than the other animals? (If necessary, ask more leading questions: Do you think the other animals were very heavy or light? Do you think their weight had something to do with why the boat sank?)
  • Turn to the page illustrating the cow tilting the boat. Ask, What does it mean when we say the cow tilted the boat? What do you think almost happened to the cow? Do you think if the cow stood in a different place in the boat that it might not have tilted?
  • Have children look at the boat on the cover and notice how some of the boat is underwater and some is above the water. Then turn to the last few pages, where all the large animals are sitting in the boat. Have them notice how much of the boat is now under water and how much is above water. Have them compare the water level in both pictures and ask, Why do you think the boat is farther down in the water in the last picture? What do you think would happen if it went even farther down?