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Watch and Discuss: Fish Museum

Quack makes a museum for fish, using objects that sink to the bottom of his pond.


  • Fish Museum 


Introduce children to the words float and sink.


Before you watch: Talk about the words float (when an object stays on the top of the water) and sink (when it goes down to the bottom). Ask:

  • What do you think it means when we say float?
  • What about sink? Can you describe what happens when something sinks?

Tell children to notice things that sink and float in the video.

After you watch:

  • What happened to most of the things Quack sent down to Fish Jr.
  • What things didn’t sink to the bottom? Why do you think they didn’t sink?
  • How did Quack stop some of the things from floating back up to the surface?
  • What did Quack and Fish Jr. do with the balloon?