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Share the Day’s Discoveries

Review today’s explorations and ideas about water. 

Show children the “Float and Sink” chart from today’s guided activity and the bins labeled “Sink” and “Float” from yesterday. Hold up objects from each category and ask questions that help children think about the shape, material, and weight of things that floated or sank:

  • How do you think the plastic/metal/foam helps make this float/sink?
  • These two are pretty light. I wonder why one floats but the other doesn’t?
  • Do you think the shape of this object helps it sink/float?

Talk about how it’s not always easy to predict whether something floats or sinks. Ask them if they were surprised by any of the things that floated or sank. Discuss the orange demonstration you did earlier. Was anyone surprised that the orange sank AFTER you peeled it? You might share examples of other surprising things that float or sink: a huge, heavy ocean liner floats, but a tiny pebble sinks!