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Read and Discuss: What Makes a Shadow?

Explore different shadows, including shadow pictures you can make with your hands. 


  • What Makes a Shadow? by Clyde Robert Bulla

Key Science Concepts

  • A shadow is created by an object blocking the light.
  • Indoors, you can change the size of a shadow by moving your body or the object closer to or farther from the light.


Before you read: Show children the cover of the book and read the title and author’s name aloud. Ask, What shadows do you see and what is making them?

While you read: Stop on page 25 after you read the question asked in the book: “Do you know how to make a big shadow?”  Ask children to answer this question before reading on.  

After you read: Go back to pages 28 and 29 and reread the text about making shadow pictures with hands. Have children identify the shadows that the hands are making on page 29. What animals or shapes do you see in these shadows? Try making one or two of them using your hands.