Watch and Discuss: Ramp Rolling

Children build ramps and invent a bowling game.


  • Ramp Rolling (video)


Key Science Concepts

  • When a rolling or sliding object hits an obstacle, it will stop or slow down and its direction may change.
  • When a stationary object is hit by a rolling or sliding object, the force may knock the object over or cause it to move depending on how fast the moving object is going and how heavy it is.


Before you watch: Tell children that they will watch a video in which children experiment with different types of ramps, balls, and obstacles.

After you watch: Ask children if the video reminded them of activities they did this week.  How were they similar? Then ask:

  • What are some of the things that the children used to make ramps?
  • What happens to the ball when it hits the tube?
  • What happens to the movement of the ball when it hits the tube?
  • What did you notice happen to the tube? Why do you think that happens?

Watch the video again. This time ask children to pay attention to the two races the girls try with different balls.  Ask:

  • Do these races remind you of something we experimented with yesterday? Explain. (In the guided activity, they experimented with balls of different sizes and weights.)
  • What was the goal of each race? Did they have the same goal or different goals? Explain.
  • Ask children to explain why they think the winning balls won their races.