Technology Center

Watch PEEP episodes, live-action videos, and play an online game.      


Play these videos in the Technology Center on the days indicated:

Day 2

Quack's Apples

Quack wants to get his apple to fall into the water, but there are sticks blocking the way!

Day 3

Ramp Rolling (1:30)

Kids build ramps with everyday objects and invent a bowling game.

Day 4

Marble Mover (9:00)

Peep discovers that if you ever need help getting a marble up a hill, all you need to do is “Ask a Duck.”


Add the videos and games on the days indicated. The PEEP episodes, live-action videos, and online game should be made available after children have been introduced to them in a Morning Circle activity. Based on the recommendations of NAEYC and the American Pediatric Association, the Technology Center should only be used by children older than two.