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Explore and Play: Start Your Plant Journal

Make the first entry in your Plant Journal.


  • Prepare Plant Journals ahead of time. Create simple booklets by stacking about 12 pieces of blank paper on top of one piece of construction paper (for the cover). Fold the stack in half and staple the booklet along the folded edge. Check the staples for safety and cover with tape if necessary. Write each child’s name on the cover.
  • crayons and markers


Pass out the Plant Journals, explaining that they’ll use these journals to draw pictures and record their observations about seeds and plants.

  1. Have children make their first entry: a drawing of the dry bean and the fresh pea that they just compared.
  2. Label the drawings for them.
  3. If some children finish before the others, have them decorate the front cover of their journals with pictures of flowers, trees, fruits, or vegetables.