Read and Discuss: Eating the Alphabet

Fruits and vegetables from A to Z.


  • Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert

Key Science Concepts

  • Many of the foods we eat come from plants.
  • We eat certain leaves, roots, fruits, and seeds.


Before you read: Show children the cover, and read the title and author’s name. Open the book to the title page, which shows a face made out of fruits and vegetables. Ask children to name the fruits and vegetables.

As you read: Read the names of the fruits and vegetables on each page and point to each one. Pause on each page to ask children which fruits and vegetables they’ve heard of and which ones they’ve eaten.

After you read: Turn through the pages and ask children to point to any vegetables or fruits that they think look especially delicious. Have them point out at least one fruit or vegetable they’ve never tried before, but think might taste good.