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Watch and Discuss: Experimenting with Seeds

Children grow plants from seeds and learn what seeds need to flourish.


  • Experimenting with Seeds (video)

Key Science Concepts

  • Plants need water and light to grow.
  • Plants grow from seeds. Some plants also grow from bulbs.
  • Different plants grow from different seeds and bulbs.


Before you watch: Tell children that they will watch a short video in which two children plant different seeds.

After you watch: Ask children if the video reminded them of activities they did this week.  How were they similar? Then ask:

  • What happened to the seeds that were covered by the plate?
  • Why do you think the uncovered ones grew and the covered ones did not?
  • The children talked about seeds, roots, and leaves. What do you think roots are? How do you think they help a plant? 

Optional: Watch the video a second time.