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Share Discoveries From Explore Plants

Review explorations and ideas about plants from the unit.

Take a tour around your learning centers to review the activities and ideas you’ve explored together over the past three weeks. Pass out the Plant Journals, so children can refer to their drawings and notes.

Watch Them Grow

You now have many plants in the Watch Them Grow center! Look at the three weeks of the “Our Plants” chart, and review the changes in your bean, grass, onion, and sprout seeds. Ask, Which plants grew the tallest? Did any plants die? Why do you think that happened?  Did you replant any? What happened to those plants?

Plant Journals and Art Work

  • Look at the drawings of the sunlight and water experiments and ask children to explain what each experiment was testing.
  • Look at the drawings, rubbings, and photos of trees. Ask children to name the parts of a tree. Which trees were their favorites?
  • Look at children’s drawing of vegetables and fruits. What were their favorites? What new fruits and vegetables would they like to try?
  • Look at the collages children made. What were some of the interesting and beautiful things they found outdoors?

Indoor Garden

Have children point out their favorite plants in the garden. Have them describe how they cared for these plants.

Seed Museum

Have a volunteer point out some of the different seeds you’ve collected in your museum. Which ones are the tree seeds? Which are the fruit seeds?  Conclude by asking children, If you could pick one seed in the Museum to grow, what would it be? Why?