Hatching new scientists every day!

Share the Week’s Discoveries

Review the week’s explorations and ideas about seeds and plants.


Take a tour around your learning centers to review the activities and ideas you explored this week. Pass out the Plant Journals, so children can refer to their drawings and notes.

Seed Museum

Discuss the different seeds you looked at this week: bean, pea, and sunflower seeds, as well as any other seeds on display. Have someone demonstrate how to use a magnifying glass to look closely at seeds.

Watch Them Grow

Look at the week of results on the “Our Plants” chart.

  • Have children describe the changes in the different seeds since they were planted.
  • Discuss the differences between the seeds in the bags and the seeds planted in the soil.
  • If no growth is noticeable in the seeds planted in the soil, ask, Do you think anything is happening to the seed under the soil? Carefully uncover a bean seed in one of the extra cups so that children can see how it has begun to change.
  • Look at the planted seeds and bulbs.
  • Ask children to point to and name any plant parts they might know (roots, stems, sprouts, leaves). What do they think each does for the plant?
  • Look at the sunlight and water experiments that they set up and ask children to explain what they will find from each experiment. Ask for one or two volunteers to show their drawings of the experiments from their Plant Journals.

Indoor Garden

  • Ask children to describe how they’ve been taking care of the plants in the Indoor Garden. 
  • Ask them to point to and name the parts of a plant (roots, stems, leaves, flowers).
  • Examine the carnations you placed in vases earlier in the day—do they notice any changes yet? (Unlikely, but possible.)

Conclude by asking children to make predictions about what will happen to their plants over the weekend and write them down. What do they think their plants will look like when they return after the weekend? Will they be able to notice any changes?