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Share the Day’s Discoveries

Review today’s explorations and ideas about plants and seeds.


Have a few children show the pictures they drew of seeds in their Plant Journals. Then ask:

  • What seeds did we examine today?
  • Can you describe the differences between the seeds you saw today? What are some of the similarities?
  • What do you predict will happen to the seeds that we planted? What do you think would happen if we planted the other seeds from our Seed Museum?
  • Can you think of other types of seeds? What do you know about these other seeds?

Then gather the children around the “Our Plants” chart. Explain the purpose of the chart and model how to post the printed photos of the planted bean seeds on Day 1 of the first week. Explain that children will take turns photographing the planted bean seeds as they grow. Ask,

  • Why do you think we are taking photos of the plants each day?
  • What do you think we will begin to see happening in the photos?
  • Do you think we will see a difference between the beans planted in the soil and the beans in the bags? Why do you think that?