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All Fall Down
Spooked by falling leaves, Squeak the mouse warns Peep that the entire sky will soon be tumbling down.
The Lurmies Are Coming
Quack alerts Peep and Chirp that they must build an elevated path to escape the dreaded, lurking Lurmies.
Quack's Tracks
On the first snowy day of winter, Peep loses Quack, learns about footprints, and builds a snow duck.
Bedtime Story
Everyone likes to hear stories about the day they were born, right? (As long as Quack's not the storyteller!)
Birds of a Feather
Peep discovers a beautiful feather, then sets out to find its rightful owner.
Big Bird
Life will never be the same: Chirp has met a real, live, capital "R" Robin—who can sing, build nests, take baths, and fly!
Bridge the Gap
The birds discover pineapples (they're pinecones, actually) but must build a bridge to reach them.
Bringing Spring
It's February, which means it's and cold and bleagh and dreary. But things start to cheer up when the birds help a young groundhog find her shadow.
Chirp Builds a Nest
Desperate to fly, Chirp wonders if building a nest will help her?
Chirp Chirp Tweet Tweet Chirp
Chirp is really good at recognizing other birds' songs, but can she find one of her own?
Of course I'm a duck! I have all the duck bits! The bill. The webbed feet. The cute tail. The sailor hat.
Chirp Flies the Coop
To go or not to go, that is the question. Should Chirp go south with Robin, or stay and face another dreary, blucky winter?
Chirp's Flight Program
Chirp's flying practice really takes off when she decides to copy what other birds do.
Chirp Sorts It Out
Chirp's interest in collecting soon becomes a full-fledged mania. Time to stage an intervention!
Count Them Out
Okay, so you have a large collection, but no way of knowing how large, exactly. What's a collecting fiend (like Chirp) to do?
Current Events
Peep borrows a toy boat from Nellie's yard and sets off for mysterious, unreachable Green Island.
A Daring Duck
Quack vows to eat his hat if Chirp finds a way to fly across his pond. (Care to make a bet?)
The Deep Duck Woods
It's not the Deep Dark Woods, it's the Deep Duck Woods! And "duck" is always good, especially when you're lost.
A Delicate Balance
What do big birds have that Chirp doesn't? Lots of yummy, juicy sunflower seeds, for one thing.
The Disappearing Drink
Someone is stealing Chirp's water! Who would do such a sneaky thing!? (Besides Quack, I mean.)
Diva Duck
Quack is preparing for yet another one of his concerts, which means he must stay in his pond and NOT SPEAK. Leave it to Quack to find a way to boss Peep and Chirp around without using his voice!
Door Tour
Peep's can would be absolutely perfect if it only had a door. A nice, round, not too big, not too small, not too orange door.
Dry Duck, Part I
Beaver Boy moves away, leaving behind a sad, sad duck. (And a lot of extra sticks.)
Dry Duck, Part II
Beaver Boy has left town and Quack's pond has dried up. Coincidence? Or is something fishy going on?
Chirp dreams up a new game (that looks remarkably like soccer). She finds a ball and some willing players, including lots and lots of bunnies! But how to make the two teams even?
A Duck's Tale
After meeting a skunk for the very first time, Quack discovers a surprising flaw in duck design.
Fair Shares
Let's do the math: two crackers, divided by three birds, equals one big headache.
Falling Feathers
Quack's losing his feathers, but just how many (is too many)?
Faster Than a Duck
Is a rabbit faster than a duck? A beaver? An ant? There's one way to find out!
The Feats of Peep
Peep is one mighty chick, capable of pulling huge loads with a tiny piece of string. (Either that, or Quack and Chirp are seeing things.)
Finders, Keepers
Quack finds a PERFECT slice of bread. Should he listen to his duck wisdom, which is telling him to save it for a rainy day?
Finding Time
Here's the good news: Quack is turning into a duck-fish! Here's the bad news: it's a little hard to prove.
The Fish Museum
Poor Fish Jr. She wants so much to wear sneakers and sit in a tree. Can Quack make her dreams come true?
Flipping Newton
How do you unflip a turtle? (It's not as easy as you might think!)
Flower Shower
Chirp discovers the springiest thing about spring (a pink cherry orchard). But then she makes the mistake of telling Quack.
Give Me a Call
Quack tries to track down an incredibly annoying sound.
Go West Young Peep
Where does the sun go at night? Peep and Chirp decide to follow their shadows and find out.
Hear Here
Quack decides to give a concert—"An Afternoon With Quack"—but has trouble finding the proper venue.
Hide and Go Peep
Peep and Chirp invent a wonderful new game—and Quack quickly learns that it's not easy being blue!
Hoop Tricks
Chirp finds a beautiful bracelet and soon discovers all the amazing things it can do!
House of Sand and Frog
Chirp moves into a glorious sand castle she found on the beach. Of course, Quack immediately wants a castle of his own – only HIS must be bigger and better than Chirp's.
I Spy a Spider
What are those sticky, webby things anyway? Quack has the answer: they're duck traps! Made by ferocious, eight-legged moon monsters!!
In a Bind
It's Chirp's lucky day when she finds a golden string. It's her unlucky day when Quack sticks his big foot in it.
An Inconvenient Tooth, Part 1
Beaver Boy needs some wood to gnaw. (He's got growing teeth!) Problem is, he's cutting down too many trees. The solution? Grow some new trees!
An Inconvenient Tooth, Part 2
Beaver Boy discovers that growing trees is hard. (Not to mention slowwwwww.) Can he find some other way to make his teeth happy?
The Incredible Shrinking Duck
Quack builds a snow monument to himself, but is horrified to discover that snow—and fame—don't last.
The Last Straw
Peep and Chirp discover that a drinking straw has many uses: it can help you blow bubbles, breathe underwater, and spy on Quack.
Magic Duck Dancing
Quack thinks his snazzy new Duck Dance has magical power. He thoughtfully decides to teach it to all his friends — for a small fee, of course!
The Many Moons of Quack the Duck
Despite all evidence to the contrary, Quack insists that there are many moons in the sky—the day moon, the night moon, the orange moon, the striped moon...
Marble Mover
Peep discovers that if you ever need help getting a marble up a hill, all you need to do is "Ask a Duck."
Meeting Half-way
Newton is delighted to learn of another turtle. (Well, he will be delighted if he can ever manage to meet her.)
Mirror, Mirror in the Dump
The birds find a mirror and Quack falls in love with himself, all over again.
M-U-D Spells Trouble
Mix mud and sun and what do you get? A stuck robin, that's what!
Mud Muddle
Beaver Boy is determined to surprise his parents by building a dam all by himself ... with a little help from his friends. Peep, Quack and Chirp soon discover that making "perfect mud" isn't as easy as it looks.
The Mystery of the Thing That Went and Came Back
Peep sets sail (accidentally) in the Good Ship Easter Egg.
Newton's Big Adventure
Newton the turtle has a series of excellent adventures involving a puddle, some dandelion fluff, and a very spooky cracker box.
Night Light
Afraid that the sun has forgotten to rise, Peep and Quack are relieved when they discover a flashlight.
Nosing Around
Pee-yew. What is that awful smell? The one that's coming from the big blue duck with the small white hat?
One Duck Two Many
There's only one way to get rid of an obnoxious duck, and that's to build her a new pond. (To her exact specifications, of course.)
Peep's Can
Peep searches for a house he can call...home.
Peep's Color Quest
Quack has an exciting new toy: a pair of orange sunglasses, on loan from the Fish Museum.
Peep Crosses the Road
Peep discovers the answer to that ancient conundrum: "Why did the chicken cross the road?"
Peep Deep in the Big Muddy
On a hot summer's day, Peep discovers a mucky, slimy, grimy way to cool off!
A Peep of a Different Color
Peep, Quack, and Chirp discover paint and the joy of looking different.
Peep Feet
How big is a step? Turns out it means one thing to a cat, another thing to a rabbit, and something else altogether to a Peep.
Peep's Lost Leaf
One windy day, Peep spies the "perfect" leaf and decides to chase it down.
Peep's Moon Mission
Peep, Quack and Chirp argue over whether the moon is perfectly round—or more like a half-eaten peach.
Peep's New Friend
Peep befriends a caterpillar, only to discover that some friendships are bound to change.
Peep's Night Out
Goaded by Squeak, Peep decides to experience life after dark.
Peep Plants a Seed
Peep discovers a patch of sunflowers and decides to grow one for himself.
Peep Prints
The birds discover you can make prints with berry juice. (Quack discovers that duck prints make EVERYTHING look good.)
Peep in Rabbitland
After falling into a rabbit hole and meeting three fuzzy bunnies, Peep decides to try life underground.
The Perils of Peep and Chirp
Emboldened by the ice, Peep and Chirp try to walk across Big Bay.
Quack and the Amazing Sandy Magic
Peep and Quack discover some extraordinary objects buried at the beach. They appear to change shape as they're pulled them from the sand. Could it be magic?
Quack and the Very Big Rock
Quack is utterly flummoxed when a big rock plants itself in a very inconsiderate spot.
Quack Goes Nuts
The Squirrel can't get to his acorns! Isn't there someone who can save him from a long, cold, hungry winter?
Quack Hatches an Egg
Quack decides that a baby duck would make his pond even more perfect than it already is.
Quack Loses His Hat
In order to save Quack (who's stuck inside a pickle jar—don't ask), Peep must figure out how to float a duck.
Quack Quack
If one smug, pompous, hilarious duck named Quack is good, then two must be better. Megan Mullally guest-stars as Quack #2.
Quack Quiets the Universe
Another sleepless night for Quack. Why can't everyone be QUIET and let a poor duck get some rest?!
Quack's Pond Party
Quack needs some attention (shocking!), and decides to throw a party to get some. He'll be the entertainment, of course, but what should he serve to eat?
Quack's Square Deal
Chirp is collecting things that are square, so Quack starts a collection of things with "pointy-tops." (Oddly, if you turn them a bit, they look just like Chirp's squares!)
Quack's Stuck Stick
Peep discovers a beaver dam and a young, toothy beaver, while Quack, alas, loses his favorite stick.
The Real Decoy
Quack finds a majestic duck (a decoy, actually) and refuses to admit that there's something strange about her.
The Red Ballmoon
Chirp has a perilous (but thrilling!) adventure when she meets up with a big, red balloon.
Reflection Affection
Here are two things you might not know about mirrors: they can help you practice flying and they're GREAT for scaring cats!
The Road Not Taken Part 1
Peep is late arriving at Chirp's bush. Turns out he took a VERY long route to get there. (There's so much to look at!) The birds use yarn to mark the shortest path from Peep's can to Chirp's bush.
The Road Not taken Part 2
A path made of yarn has a way of disappearing, so Peep, Chirp and Quack make a NEW path using objects from Chirp's collection. It's a pretty path, too, because it's made in a pattern. But is sticking to a path always a good idea?
Robin in the Bat Cave
The first rule of Hide and Seek is to hide where no one can find you. The second rule? Make sure someone can find you!!
The Root Problem
There's a snake in Quack's pond! (Fish are one thing, but a snake is completely unacceptable.)
Save It for Later
Chirp can't seem to protect her acorn collection from several ravenous squirrels and one thoughtless duck.
Shadow Play
Peep, Quack, and Chirp discover their shadows — then use them to teach Tom (that trouble-making cat!) a lesson.
Smaller Than A Peep
Peep discovers a magnifying glass, which comes in handy when he ALSO discovers a tiny, lost thing named...Me.
Snow Daze
Here's one more flaw in duck design: unlike beavers, ducks can't slide on their tails. (Or make great art.)
Soap Opera
Quack and Chirp get into a singing duel. (Poor Peep!) Their operetta is interrupted by the discovery of a sweet-smelling, slippery something-or-other that makes bubbles.
Sounds Like...
Peep and Chirp get lost, but use a range of familiar—and annoying!—sounds to find their way home.
The Sounds of Silence, Part 1
Quack is in a bit of a pickle; he's decided not to talk until Chirp begs him to. (That could take a longgggggggg time!)
The Sounds of Silence, Part 2
Now it's Chirp who's in a pickle. She's stranded in a puddle and only Quack can save her.
Spring Thing
It's winter, it's blah, and everything looks dead. Can Peep, Quack, and Chirp survive until spring?
Springy Thingy
Peep discovers his inner bounce when he encounters a frog, a mattress, and a jack-in-the-box.
Star Light, Star Bright
Wishing on a star only works if your star hasn't contracted "staritis." (Or is it "staratosiosis"?)
Stick With Me
Peep goes in search of his favorite (lost) dandelion seed, and discovers that the world is full of sticky things.
Stormy Weather
Peep's first encounter with thunder and lightning makes for a wet and tumultuous day.
Stuck Duck
How do you unstick a duck who's stuck in a hollow log? (Say that five times, fast!)
That's a Cat
It's Peep's first day on earth, and all the other animals gather round to teach him about cats.
There's No Place Like Home
Quack sets out to prove that HIS pond is the best and biggest pond in all the world.
Things that Go Peep in the Night
Was the thing that woke up Quack a monster ... or was it a dream? Chirp stays up all night to see what she can see—or, rather, hear—in the dark.
The Tooth, the Whole Tooth and Nothing but the Tooth
Poor Beaver Boy. He's lost a tooth! (Can you still be a Beaver with only one tooth?)
Trading Places
Peep falls asleep one lazy afternoon and dreams that he's a butterfly, Chirp's a duck, Newton's a squirrel and Quack's a turtle. Guess who's not happy with this arrangement?
Tree Feller
Exciting news! Beaver Boy is ready to cut down his first tree! Come one, come all! Don't forget your hard hats!
The Trip to Green Island
The birds have explored every last place on Earth (or so they think) except for Green Island. Will they ever get there?
The Trouble with Bubbles
Quack discovers bubbles, but for some reason only he can see them. Is he finally flipping out (as Chirp suspects)?
Two's a Crowd part 1
An exotic new bird arrives at Peep's can. She's green and red and yellow and has a pouf on her head! She whistles too, a lot, and speaks Spanish. She's also cold, cold cold, frio, and needs help finding a home.
Two's a Crowd Part 2
Splendid Bird from Paradise (yes, that's what she's named herself), has a new home but it's not protected from the snow. So Peep, Chirp and Quack go in search of a home that will fit her in ALL ways.
Under Duck
Quack discovers there's more to his pond than meets the eye. (Namely, fish.)
Wandering Beaver
Beaver Boy wants to visit Quack's pond but keeps getting lost. Quack is just hopeless at giving directions.
The Whatchamacallit
What on earth is a "whatchamacallit?" Peep, Quack, and Chirp are determined to find out.
The Windy Day
A windy day makes Chirp long to fly, but when she accidentally gets aloft, she discovers it isn't as easy as it looks.
The Winter of Quack's Discontent
Winter is just so blahhhhh. Quack's pond is covered with ice, Beaver Boy won't play, and the fish...hey where are the fish?
Who Stole the Big Wide World?
Well, wouldn't you ask that question if you woke up and the world was gray and everything in it was gone?
You Can Count on Bunnies
Five (or maybe it's 30) young bunnies have gotten lost. Can Peep and Quack help them find their bunnysitter?