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How can I see more PEEP videos?

There's a different PEEP story playing right in Music and Videos every week! Each one comes with its very own math or science activity that you can do with your kids. So, you just have to come back every week for more PEEP!

Where can I purchase PEEP merchandise?

To buy PEEP merchandise, visit the Ty's Toy Box.

Books are sold at these key retailers:
Canadian Mass Market accounts (distributed by HB Fenn)

DVDs and books can be purchased through:

Can I purchase a CD of the theme song?

Many of you asked about the theme song featuring blues musician Taj Mahal. You can watch it and sing along with the lyrics in Music & Videos. Each PEEP audio book includes the theme song, but it is not available separately at this time.

When is PEEP on TV?

PEEP airs nationally on many public television stations — weekdays or weekends, depending on the station. Check the listings of your local public television station to find out when it is on where you live. PEEP also airs on weekday mornings at 9:00 AM and 11:30 AM on the Discovery Kids Channel. In Canada, PEEP airs on TVOntario. PEEP also airs in Spanish on V-me, Monday through Saturday from 9:15-9:30 AM.

Where can I find out about individual episodes?

We have a comprehensive list of story descriptions here on our site. You can also view a different PEEP episode every week in Music & Videos.

The Games pop-up window is problematic for me. Is there an alternative?

Yes! We have a special page that presents the games in a regular (non pop-up) browser window.

Are there any more PEEP games?

We're working on new games for the Web site right now.

Where can I find out about cast or crew?

Check out our Credits pages.